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From Steve Huston <shus...@riverace.com>
Subject Re: First "Hello World in C++" authentication failed.
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2012 19:30:32 GMT

On 10/15/12 3:26 PM, "Rajesh Khan" <rajeshkhan808@gmail.com> wrote:

>I am attempting to run my first example of "hello world" in C++ (Vs2010).
>However whenever  I run it I get the message
>*    connection-forced : Authentication Failed*
>After referring to the broker manual it states in windows by default a
>"Guest" account with a guest password is required or else no
>parameter can be used
>So I restarted my broker using  no-auth parameter as such:
>*D:\qpid-0.18\qpid-0.18\cpp\src\Debug>qpidd no-auth*
>2012-10-15 13:17:59 [Security] error Failed to initialise SSL listener:
> certificate Rajesh-PC in store My Cannot find object or property.
>2012-10-15 13:17:59 [Network] notice Listening on TCP/TCP6 port 5672
>2012-10-15 13:17:59 [Broker] notice Broker running
>2012-10-15 13:18:13 [System] error Connection [::1]:5672-[::1]:55109 No
> received closing
>But I still get *    connection-forced : Authentication Failed *message
>the No protocol lines are added to the Broker. Any suggestions on how to
>solve this problem ?

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