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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: SSL between c++ brokers?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:59:59 GMT
On 09/12/2012 02:49 PM, ParkiratBagga wrote:
> Thanks Gordon.
> Plain TCP works fine. My msgs are being routed using tcp.
> But my requirement is to do SSL between the 2 C++ brokers, either using
> qpid-route or something else.
> In that case qpid route should use ssl.

Just to clarify, the qpid-route tool connects to the destination broker 
and asks it to connect to the source broker.

The fact that the connection between qpid-tool and the destination 
broker is not using SSL does not mean that the connection between the 
destination broker and the source broker cannot be SSL.

My suggested invocation of qpid-route modified your original only to 
allow qpid-tool to connect to the destination broker over plain TCP. The 
connection between the two brokers would still use SSL.

Now, you can of course SSL enable the connection from qpid-route to the 
destination broker if you want, but that has no impact on the connection 
over which the messages are transferred (which is why I suggested the 
simpler approach, at least to verify the route being established using 
SSL). To use SSL even between qpid-route and the destination broker 
(purely for the purposes of telling that broker to connect to the other 
one) try 'amqps:' in front of your original destination broker address.

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