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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Evaluation of requirements
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 08:01:02 GMT
On 08/23/2012 02:46 PM, holger wrote:
> my evaluation of QPID v0.14 features is slowly approaching the end.
> Unfortunately I haven't really found reliable information on each of my
> requirements. I would like to ask you to verify whether the following
> statements are true (in C++ broker and JMS client) or not:
> 1) Destination bridging (as in Tibco EMS) is not supported.

There is no support for bridging between two (or more) Destinations on 
the same broker.

> 2) There is no monitoring event to detect exceedance of broker memory
> limits.

Not directly no. However you can get alerts when queues hit particular 
sizes you have configured.

> 3) No monitoring event is created upon purging messages in qpid-tool


> 4) There is no feature to detect slow/hung consumers

You can get an alert when the backlog of messages for a subscriber 
reaches a configured level. That would be indicative of a slow consumer.

> 5) The installation of the C++ broker requires root privileges

Only for installation into the default locations. You can install it 
wherever you wish (by setting the prefix option when invoking configure) 
and that should work for any user providing you have the necessary 
permission to the install location.

> 6) There is no message rollback limit (such as 10 times)


> 7) There is no message processing time threshold to identify messages
> staying in a queue longer than a specified threshold


> 8) SQL92-compliant message selectors as defined in the JMS standard are not
> supported

They are not yet supported by the c++ broker, but the JMS client can 
evaluate them on the client side. So logically the feature is there, 
though less efficiently implemented than if they were evaluated server side.

> 9) Message selectors cannot be applied to messages that are routed between
> brokers.


> 10) There is no option to specify a maximum log file size, before rotation
> to another log file takes place

There is no such option when logging directly to a file. However 
rotation is possible via syslog and you can have the broker log there.

> 11) How does the fanout functionality work? Can I use it to do reliable
> multicast as in PGM or is it more like a general broadcast without any
> guarantees?

It is the latter, a general broadcast feature. Unlike the other exchange 
types (direct, topic) there is no conditional routing based on the 
message itself.

> 12) Message compression is not supported (only by the application itself)


> 13) There is no way to do message tracing in the broker.

No, but if you can describe what you would like here in a bit more 
detail, that would be useful for possible future development.

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