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From Zhihua Che <zhihua....@gmail.com>
Subject ThreadSafe/Multiple Session/Connection handling
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 13:46:48 GMT
    I'm employing qpid in my current project and need some tips for
common programming practice.

1, Are Sender/Receiver/Session/Connection  thread-safe?
    ie, Is it ok for multiple threads to send messages through the
same sender, or to create senders/receivers through the same session.
2, When do I need to create a separate session?
    I know it's feasible to create more than one session in one
application/process, but, I wonder when it's reasonable to create two
session, instead of only one.
3, How do I handle the connection lost or sending/receiving failure?
    In my application, sending/receiving fails occasionally with an
exception throw. What can I do to fix it and take another try
initiatively at  runtime if I refuse to exit the process?
    Is it reasonable to open the connection again and create new
senders and receivers to take a new try?
    I know there is reconnect option for the Connection. But It cannot
keep connection alive forever, right?
    Furthermore, I find qpid client api doesn't offer a connection
pool mechanism, Does that mean I need to implement one by myself if I
want or the connection pool is not recommended?

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