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From Luca Martini <l.mart...@list-group.com>
Subject Qpid 0.16 build hangs on generating man pages
Date Mon, 28 May 2012 15:40:15 GMT
Dear all,
I tried to build qpid 0.16 cpp from source but the build hangs during 
man page generation phase:
> help2man --no-info --include=./qpidd.x --output=qpidd.1-t --help-option="--help --no-module-dir"
--version-option="--version --no-module-dir" ../../src/qpidd

is the last line printed on terminal.
 From top I see that the process lt-qpidd is using 100% of a CPU, while 
help2man memory is at ~20% with increasing memory usage. After some 
minutes I had to stop (help2man was using more than 10gB).
Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
For a quick fix I commented the relevant part of the cpp/docs/man/Makefile

I'm on RHEL5.
	Luca Martini

I did not have help2man installed and the behaviour during the build was 
similar (sed was used instead of help2man), so I thought it was some 
problems with sed scripts, but after installing help2man and repeating 
configure and make the result si the one that I described before.

Luca Martini
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