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From CLIVE <cl...@ckjltd.co.uk>
Subject QPID performance on virtual machines
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 17:01:30 GMT
Hi all,

I have been undertaking some performance profiling of QPID version 0.14 
over the last few weeks and I have found a significant performance drop 
off when running QPID in a virtual machine.

As an example if I run qpidd on an 8 core DELL R710 with 36G RAM 
(RHEL5u5) and then run qpid-perf-test (on the same machine to discount 
any network problems) without any command line parameters I am seeing 
about 85,000 publish transfers/sec and 80000 consume transfers/sec. If I 
run the same scenario on a VM (tried both KVM and VMWare ESXi 4.3 
running RHEL5u5) with 2 cores and 8G RAM, I am seeing only 45000 publish 
transfers/sec and 40000 consume transfers/sec. A significant drop off in 
performance. Looking at the cpu and memory usage these would not seem to 
be the limiting factors as the memory consumption of qpidd stays under 
200 MBytes and its CPU is up at about 150%; hence the two core machine.

I have even run the same test on my Mac Book at home using VMWare Fusion 
4 ( 2 Core 4G RAM) and see the same 45000/40000 transfers/sec results.

I would expect a small drop off in performance when running in a VM, but 
not to the extent that I am seeing.

Has anyone else seen this and if so were they able to get to the bottom 
of the issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Clive Lilley

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