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From "Fallon, Richard" <richard.fal...@atos.net>
Subject Federation and Queue Route Failover
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 12:56:45 GMT


I have been successfully using a federated network of Apache Qpid 
brokers for some time now, we have had some problems along the way but 
generally everything is working very well. 

I have a requirement to introduce more resilience to parts of the 
network. The (simplified) solution is this 

1. SOURCE -> DESTINATION A : source sends messages to destination A 
3. SOURCE -> DESTINATION B : source sends messages to destination B 

We have a piece of hardware between the brokers so we refer to the 
destination with a generic value (e.g. DESTINATION) and this returns the

correct hostname of the destination (i.e. A OR B). 

The above scenario works very well if the source is an amqp publisher, 
e.g. a JMS Client using AMQP syntax. 

However if the source and destinations are qpid brokers and connected 
via a queue route this does not work. 

Let me try and explain my rather bizarre results... 

1. SOURCE BROKER -> DESTINATION BROKER (hostname = A) - connected 
3. Load Balancer now returns hostname=B for DESTINATION BROKER 
4. SOURCE BROKER shows connection refused to DESTINATION BROKER 

So maybe I can understand the above, the SOURCE has created a socket 
connection to hostname A, and is not releasing it. 

However if I stop and start the SOURCE broker, and re add the queue 
route using SOURCE and DESTINATION I still get the connection refused 
message, but hostname = B is running. It is like the SOURCE broker is 
still trying to connect to the DESTINATION (hostname = A), even after 
restart. That suggests to me that Qpid persists some connection 
information throughout a restart. 

Does this sound plausible? If so where would the connection info be 
stored? FYI - I'm using version 0.8. 

Thanks in advance 


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Richard Fallon
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