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From Kim van der Riet <kim.vdr...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Unacknowledged messages locking up the journal?
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 16:25:18 GMT
On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 17:53 +0100, Gordon Sim wrote:
> Kim, what does recordDepth track in the journals management schema?
> What 
> about available file count, would that be a reasonable approximation
> for 
> free space?
recordDepth tracks the number of non-transactional or committed
transactional records enqueued on a queue (journal). It does not take
into account open transactions, nor the placement of the records on the
queue (which is important in a circular buffer). I would not recommend
using it to estimate how full the store is unless:

1. The enqueued records have a well-known (and preferably uniform) size;
2. Transactions are NOT in use;
3. Records are deqeued in the same order in which they were enqueued.

If these conditions are true, then the recordDepth can be used to
provide an estimate of the amount of used space in the store, and hence
the amount of free space.


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