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From Jakub Scholz <ja...@scholz.cz>
Subject Re: Update message content
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 15:12:07 GMT
Hi Davide,

I think for your scenario, the sender should use following address:

amq.topic/<instrumet>; { node: { type: topic} }

and the receiver may use following address:

ticker; {create:always, node:{type:queue,
x-declare:{arguments:{'qpid.last_value_queue_key':'qpid.subject'} },
x-bindings:[{ exchange: 'topic_exchange', queue: 'ticker', key:
'<Instrumet1>' }, { exchange: 'topic_exchange', queue: 'ticker', key:
'<Instrumet2>' } ] } }

The sender will send the messages to the amq.topic exchange with the
instrument name as an routing key / subject. The receiver will create
a queue named "ticker" as an last value queue and will subscribe the
messages which will match the instruments specified in the x-bindings
key - the messages for other instruments will not be delivered to your

Hope this helps.


On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 11:00, Davide Anastasia
<Davide.Anastasia@qualitycapital.com> wrote:
> Hi Gordon,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I did not explicitly created the queue using qpid-config, but I am using
> this configuration string on the sender side (is it the same?):
> ticker;{create:always,
> node:{type:queue,x-declare:{arguments:{'qpid.last_value_queue_key':'qpid
> .subject'}}}}
> then I am putting into every subject the name of the instrument, doing
> that:
> qpid_message.setSubject( instr_name );  // set subject
> where instr_name is an std::string holding the name of the instrument.
> On the receiver side however I would like to receive updates only on a
> certain subject (namely, a certain instrument).
> I have tried different solution, but none works: I always get the ALL
> set of instruments.
> Currently I am using this address string on the receiver side:
> ticker/instrument_name;{create:sender, mode:browse, node:{type:queue}}
> What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks a lot,
> Davide

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