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From Jeff Armstrong <jarmstr...@avvasi.com>
Subject Qpid destroys session after max queue size reached
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 21:43:28 GMT
I have a queue with REJECT policy and a max count. If I connect a sender client and fill the
queue to the max size, the broker seems to destroy the session. Using qpid-tool I can see
that the session is gone, though the connection is still there. In the sender client session.isValid()
still returns true. If I then connect a receiving client to drain the queues, the sender still
fails to send messages to the broker unless I close the session and re-open it. This seems
like really weird behaviour to have your session deleted because you hit a max count and then
not being able to tell from the sender that this has happened. I'm forced to catch the ResourceLimitExceededException
on every attempt to send a message, then close the session and re-open it.

I'm using the C++ 0.12 broker and client and I'm using the qpid::client API (can't change
this at the moment, but will be able to switch APIs in the future).

Am I doing something obviously wrong here?
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