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From Jakub Scholz <ja...@scholz.cz>
Subject Re: warning Connect failed
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 17:28:57 GMT
Hi Hamid,

The error you get in Chrome is caused by your certificate being loaded
only as a trusted peer on the broker. This is an issue we had with
Java applications - when you use signed certificates, the broker gives
you a list of supported certification authorities and the application
selects a suitable private key to be used. But since your self-signed
key is loaded in the broker only as trusted peer, chrome doesn't find
out which certificate to use and that causes the error you got. If the
certificate on the broker would be loaded as trusted CA instead of
trusted peer, Chrome would ask you whether it should use the private
key from the certificate database and eventually download a file with
the AMQP "handshake". Unfortunately for you, the use of the trusted
peer certificates is necessary for the use of self-signed
certificates, so your broker provider cannot change this just like

In Qpid Java API, you can instruct the application to use a specific
certificate (ssl_cert_alias). You specify the certificate also in the
C++ API on Linux using an environment variable. I'm not sure how you
can do something like that in Chrome or Windows in general.

PS: I have no idea whether this problem is in any way related to the
original problem you had ... I just explained the Chrome error ...


> *@ Cliff :*
> """"""""""
> I tried using Internet Explorer on my windows machine with the address
> format you mentioned, both with the hostname and ip address. But in both
> cases I am getting "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". However,
> when I tried in google-chrome I got the following error;
> /SSL connection error
> Unable to make a secure connection to the server. This may be a problem with
> the server, or it may be requiring a client authentication certificate that
> you don't have.
> Error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL protocol error./

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