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From Bhavesh Patel <bhavesh.pa...@onrampwireless.com>
Subject Adding two queues in one address string
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 22:43:10 GMT

Is there a way in qpid to create two queue in one address string.
I have two exchange type headers and fanout. I want to create
separate queue for this two exchange type in one address string.

Say we have following address strings in python:
addr1 = "Queue1; {create: always, node: {type: queue, x-declare: {auto-delete :'False', exchange:'<exchange_1>',
type:fanout, arguments:{'qpid.file_count':5, 'qpid.file_size':256}}, x-bindings:[{queue: Queue1,

addr2 = "Queue2; {create: always, node:{type: queue, x-declare: {auto-delete: 'True', exchange:'<exchange_2>',
type:headers}, x-bindings: [{exchange: '<exchange_2>', queue: Queue2}]}}"

Can we combine above two address strings in one ?

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

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