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From Pavel Moravec <pmora...@redhat.com>
Subject QMF raising event when defaut binding is created?
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 10:03:09 GMT
Hi all,
I realized that currently QMF does not raise an event when a default binding is created (by
"default binding" I mean a binding of type "{exchange:'', queue:<queuename>, key:<queuename>}"
that is created automatically when a queue is created).

To check that behavior, let subscribe to "qmf.default.topic/agent.ind.event.org_apache_qpid_broker.bind.#"
and create a queue - no message will be send to the subscription. Any other binding crated
is notified by sending a message to the subscription.

My question is: is that a inconsistency that shall be fixed or a desired behavior?

The answer might not be so plain as the '' exchange and the "default bindings" are rather
hacks to allow sending messages to queues directly. So while technically the defualt bindings
are a real bindings, logically they are not.

Does somebody (plan to) benefit either by raising QMF event when a default binding is created
or not raising so?

Kind regards,

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