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From "Kalle Kärkkäinen" <ka...@airdice.com>
Subject Messaging scenarios
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 07:00:24 GMT

I'm developing a system using QPID. I'm considering the options for 
different queues, and would like some opinions and help with the issues 
I have ran in to.

At the moment I'm using the C++ broker with Java clients.

1) Configuration queue

I have a configuration message, and I need a queue to store it. Last 
Value Queue seems to be the ticket on this, especially if it would be 
durable.  The queue get set with qpid-config with parameters

--order=lvq --durable --limit-policy=ring --max-queue-count=1

and it seems that after QPID restart, there are no messages there. Am I 
missing something?

2) one-to-many messaging

Earlier (years back, m4 time) I asked the same thing, and I suspect the 
same answer: The way to achieve one-to-many messaging is pubsub setup 
with private temporary queues with routing rules to move messages from 
pub-queue to said sub-queues. Is this still the case?

The real world case here is that we are syncing servers with messages, 
sending them to federated QPIDs and processing the data only after it 
has been through the federation (passed to all QPID nodes). Is this the 
way to go? Corosync setup would be difficult because of the broadcast 
requirement, QPID nodes are not in same network.

3) many-to-many messaging

There are times when we have multiple pubs in the pubsub scheme. How do 
we do this? Would it be more routing inside the QPID, or what?

Thanks for your time and interest.


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