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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: Connections from JMS take noticeably longer than from C++
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 07:30:51 GMT
Robbie Gemmell wrote:
> All that said, the worst I saw it perform is still twice as fast as
> your best number below, which seems a little odd. Can I ask what you
> were running your tests on? I dont imagine there is a JIRA for this,
> no. I assume you are really interested in this due to running things
> which only perform one connection and then shutdown?
> Robbie
Hi Robbie you're correct that I'm mainly interested in this because I've 
been putting together a few command line clients which generally perform 
one connection then shutdown, though it's obviously not an ideal 
situation whatever the scenario. To be fair I only really noticed how 
bad it was when I was monitoring qpid-printevents and starting up a 
variety of C++ and Java clients and I saw a noticeable lag between 
starting and the createConnection event with the Java clients which 
prompted me to start measuring.

It is indeed odd that the worst you saw was still twice as fast as mine 
(though 2x really sucky is still quite sucky :-)). My results are pretty 
consistent over a few different JMS clients.

My box is a fairly reasonable one, it's a core 2 duo based laptop 
(Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     P7450  @ 2.13GHz). I "guess" one 
possibility is that it has CPU scaling - when I run cat /proc/cpuinfo 
when idle it reports "cpu MHz        : 800.000" though in my experience 
it scales up pretty quickly under load, I'd be surprised if that 
accounts for the difference as I ran my test several times in succession 
with similar results.

As mentioned previously I've been using Qpid 0.12 with the C++ broker 
and Java Client (on Ubuntu Linux) and the figures I mentioned were 
obtained using a pretty simple currentTimeMillis delta before and after 
the ConnectionFactory createConnection() call.

I might do a bit of digging on this myself it's piqued my curiosity :-)

Would you mind if I raised a Jira?


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