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From Cliff Jansen <cliffjan...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: C++ broker compilation on Sparc Solaris 10
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 17:27:51 GMT
Yes, as Steve said, I am working on a generic Posix poller.

It runs "make test" on Linux, and builds on Solaris with gcc, but it
is not yet debugged in that environment.  I will try to post a patch
later today after I have checked for Qpid C++ style violations.  This
will also get some eyeballs on it in review board.

It appears that the older ECFPoller  code was cut and pasted from the
EpollPoller code, optimistically hoping that the specialized Solaris
and Linux calls were nearly identical in effect.  That may be true,
but it was never debugged and put to the test, and the EpollPoller has
evolved since then, so if one wanted to try build a more scalable
poller for Solaris, it would probably be best to start afresh.


On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 6:04 AM, Steve Huston <shuston@riverace.com> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
>> I am trying to compile qpid c++ broker and client libraries on Solaris 10.
>> The easiest way seems to be using g++ and cmake.
> Ok. The Sun/Oracle C++ compiler should work as well.
>> I was able to compile everything with just mild touches to the build
>> system,
>> however the Solaris implementation of Poller, the ECFPoller.cpp, seems to
>> be broken and fails to link for the lack of Poller::monitorHandle(),
>> Poller::unmonitorHandle() and couple more methods.
> Right... it's been some time since Solaris was actively worked on.
>> Is there another way to compile qpid on Solaris, perhaps some fallback
>> version of Poller based on select(), or do I need to fix the ECFPoller.cpp
>> to
>> get it working?
> Cliff Jansen mentioned a few weeks ago that he's working on the Solaris
> port, so he may have addressed this. If he doesn't chime in here, you may
> need to fix the poller. If you do, please raise a jira for each issue you
> encounter, and attach patch(es) to the jira(s). Please be sure to check the
> "license to Apache" box when you attach the patches.
> -Steve
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