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From Brandon Pedersen <bped...@gmail.com>
Subject message overhead for federated link
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2011 07:28:32 GMT
I have a federated link setup right now and it is delivering messages.
I am watching the output of qpid-stat and watching the amount of bytes
in and out. The federated link is going over a billable connection and
I want to figure out how much data is going over the wire. I was
watching the values on the exchange on the destination broker and
calculating the size there (obviously just rough estimates for now)
but then I noticed that several other exchanges are also going up in
bytes in and out. The ones I have noticed to be constantly going up
are qpid.management, qpid.default.topic, amq.direct, and
qpid.default.direct. I am wondering why these exchanges are increasing
in data used. I am not running any other management commands other
than qpid-stat a couple times and the amount of messages on these
exchanges are going up by thousands. My concern is that the federated
link is generating a bunch of extra traffic on these other exchanges.
Does anyone know if that is the case? Or is there something internal
in qpid that is sending and receiving these messages on the other



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