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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: slow with sync
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 14:55:17 GMT
On 11/03/2011 11:03 AM, surya prakash wrote:
> Hi ,
>           i  am trying to use qpid because of persistence queues .i am able
> to achieve this by using messaging API and client API .but in
> both library's i am facing same problem like when i am sending the messages
> by using synchronous session it is giving through put as one only.For this
> problem i am suspecting some sleep is there in synchronous session sending
> but some one given me replay as there is no that type of thing in cpp, and
> he asked me to run following command i am pasting you the result also.
> ./qpid-perftest --sync-publish=true --durable=true --count=10
> Processing 1 messages from qpid-perftest_sub_ready . done.
> Sending start 1 times to qpid-perftest_pub_start
> Processing 1 messages from qpid-perftest_pub_done .
>   done.
> Processing 1 messages from qpid-perftest_sub_done . done.
> Total 20 transfers of 1024 bytes in 9.63168 seconds.
> Publish transfers/sec:
> 1.04226
> Average: 1.04226
> Subscribe transfers/sec:
> 1.1572
> Average: 1.1572
> Total transfers/sec:      2.07648
> Total Mbytes/sec: 0.00202781
> with this command also it is giving maximum  1 or 2 throughput . is there
> any method to increase the throughput .with the above command i got clarity
> there is no mistake in my coding i think in some where i am missing
> to achieve more throughput if any body using synchronous with durable
> messages and achieving more throughput please help me.

As I mentioned last time, that seems unusually low (I get 1000 times 
more messages per sec even on my laptop) and there would appear to be 
something odd with your system. Try running qpid-perftest in a few 
different configurations to see if that gives any hints as to where the 
problem lies:

(a) --sync-publish=false  --durable=true
(b) --sync-publish=true  --durable=false
(c) --sync-publish=false --durable=false
(d) --tcp-nodelay --sync-publish=true --durable=true (in this case, also 
set --tcp-nodelay on the broker)

Make sure you run for more than 10 messages though as such a low run 
will skew your results.

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