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From Jiri Krutil <j...@krutil.com>
Subject Detecting lost connection on a C++ Receiver
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2011 13:56:39 GMT

I'm using the Qpid messaging C++ client v0.8 to receive messages with  
the auto-reconnect disabled.

I'm testing what happens with my receiving client app when I stop the broker.

Even if the client lib prints a warning about the connection being  
closed, the Receiver functions still seem to work as if nothing had  
happened - for instance getAvailable() or get() return normally.

I find this a bit misleading - it looks like the Receiver is just  
waiting for messages, but actually it has no connection and therefre  
the messages will never appear.

It seems that calling Session::hasError() can be used to detect a dead  
connection, but I have to call this explicitly every time the Receiver  
tells me that it has no messages ready (kind of paranoid approach).

It appears the client lib "knows" the connection was lost, but somehow  
it does not communicate it to the Receiver.

Is there some (efficient) way how to check if a Receiver is alive?

How expensive is Session::hasError()? Does it require a broker roundtrip?


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