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From Zhemzhitsky Sergey <Sergey_Zhemzhit...@troika.ru>
Subject RE: Too many open files
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 10:34:18 GMT
Hi Gordon,

Here is the output of the qpid-config queues command

Queue Name                                     Attributes
Queue1         --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue2         --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue3         --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue4         --durable
Queue5         --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue6         --durable
Queue7         --durable
Queue8         --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue9         --durable
Queue10       --durable
Queue11       --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue12       --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue13       --durable
Queue14       --durable
Queue15       --durable
Queue16       --durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue17       --durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue18       --durable
Queue19       --durable
Queue20       --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue21       --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue22       --durable
Queue23       --durable
Queue24       --durable
Queue25       --durable
Queue26       --durable
Queue27       --durable
Queue28       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue29       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue30       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue31       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue32       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue33       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue34       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue35       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue36       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue37       --durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue38       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue39       --durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue40       --durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue41       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
Queue42       --durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue43       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue44       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64
Queue45       --durable --cluster-durable --file-size=128 --file-count=64

So we have 20 queues with --file-count=64 option and 25 queues with --file-count=8 option.

According to the formula nfh=nq * (nf + 1) to estimate the number of file handles from the
following link http://www.redhat.com/f/pdf/Large_Journal.pdf 

nfh=20 * (64 + 1) + 25 * (8 + 1) = 1525

But the maximum number of the open files for qpid is set to 16384 that is ten times greater.

Best Regards,
Sergey Zhemzhitsky
Information Technology Division
Troika Dialog, 4, Romanov lane, Moscow 125009, Russia
Phone. +7 495 2580500 ext. 1246

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From: Gordon Sim [mailto:gsim@redhat.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2011 1:42 PM
To: users@qpid.apache.org
Subject: Re: Too many open files

On 08/01/2011 11:53 AM, Zhemzhitsky Sergey wrote:
> We have already set ulimit to be able to open 16384 files, but the error still happens
from time to time.
> Could you help us to identify the possible sources of this issue.

How many connections and durable queues do you expect to have? Each durable queue uses 4 file
handles at least (depending on configuration, and assuming you are using the qpidcomponents.org
store plugin). Each connection will also use a file handle.

Is it possible for example that you have e.g. stale queues that are no longer needed but taking
up file handles?

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