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From Jakub Scholz <ja...@scholz.cz>
Subject Re: How to detect the initial synchronization of brokers in cluster
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 13:38:49 GMT
Hi Alan,

When the cluster is already running, it shows the ACTIVE state
correctly. But it doesn't work for me (MRG 1.3 ... next week I will be
hopefully able to try it with MRG 2.0 / Qpid 0.10). And I don't think
it can work like that even in newer versions. The state of the cluster
is maybe "JOINING" internally, but since the qpid-cluster tool is
trying to get the data from the broker over QMF, he doesn't get them.
It seems to connect fine, but as with the other QMF tools, it doesn't
get any responses since the broker isn't processing anything coming
from the connection (due to the JOINING state).

It seems to me as a kind of "chicken and egg" problem ... you cannot
get the information that the cluster is in JOINING state because it
may be in JOINING state. It is a kind of a side-effect of using AMQP
to manage the AMQP broker :-o.

At the end, the only way would be probably to fix the timeout issue in
the QMF (eventually write some script with Qpid API - that seems to
wait nicely). Then the qpid-cluster tool can be used in a following
a) Connection error => Not running
b) Connects and hangs/waits => JOINING state
c) Returns info that the state is ACTIVE => it is ACTIVE


On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 14:31, Alan Conway <aconway@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hah! I just remembered: the status is already visible via qpid-config.
> [aconway@mrg32 ~]$ qpid-cluster mrg33
>  Cluster Name: aconway-test-cluster
> Cluster Status: ACTIVE
>  Cluster Size: 4
>       Members: ID=
> URL=amqp:tcp:,tcp:,tcp:,tcp:
>              : ID=
> URL=amqp:tcp:,tcp:,tcp:,tcp:
>              : ID=
> URL=amqp:tcp:,tcp:,tcp:,tcp:,tcp:
>              : ID=
> URL=amqp:tcp:,tcp:,tcp:,tcp:,tcp:
> If the cluster is receiving its initial update the status would be JOINING.

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