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From Pavel Moravec <pmora...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Disabling the TCP Port
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 15:11:55 GMT
Hi Phil,
it is not directly what you want, but you can make the port use-less:

1) Set authentication on: use "--auth yes" in qpidd command line or "auth=yes" in qpidd.conf
and restart qpidd. That will prevent non-authenticated usage.
2) Disable default guest:guest credentials (and others if added manually) from SASL database:
# saslpasswd2 -f /var/lib/qpidd/qpidd.sasldb -d QPID guest

That will prevent to be authenticated as "guest" user (the default user of qpid).

Kind regards,

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From: "Phil Brown" <brown.pa71@gmail.com>
To: "users" <users@qpid.apache.org>
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2011 6:40:42 PM
Subject: Disabling the TCP Port

Hi all,

Is there a way to disable the TCP port such that only the SSL port is
I noticed that there is a --requiresEncryption flag.  When I tried using it,
(QPID Windows 0.8x version), it does indeed refuse TCP connections, however,
it also rejects SSL connections.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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