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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Declaring exchanges, queues/bindings using C++ client
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 12:26:21 GMT
On 06/27/2011 12:49 PM, Jiri Krutil wrote:
> Using the C++ messaging client (v0.7), is it possible to declare an
> exchange by creating a Sender and closing it without ever sending a
> message, assuming I use the right address with type:exchange and
> create:always?

Yes, although the type should be 'topic'.

> Similarly, is it possible to declare a queue and its bindings by
> creating a Receiver and closing it without trying to receive a message?
> The address has type:exchange, create:always and a list of bindings in
> the x-bindings part.

The address the there should be 'queue'. The x-bindings should be 
declared in the node, not the link (else they will be unbound when the 
link, i.e. the receiver, is closed).

> If the above is incorrect, can you please suggest another way which does
> not force me to send/receive any messages?

It's not incorrect.

Personally, I dislike the approach (though it will work). It creates 
things as a side effect and isn't really the intended use case.

My preference is to send the broker special management messages to 
request creation of 'static' broker entities such as exchanges and 
shared queues. It allows a more explicit approach to broker management 
which I think is nicer. However that has only been possible on the 
broker since 0.10.

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