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From Anthony Foglia <AFog...@princeton.com>
Subject Recommended API for Python?
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 18:02:40 GMT
What are the differences between the three Python APIs?  There are (at 
least) 3 APIs:

1. qpid package
   This was the first API we used, based on some examples in a two year 
old blog post.
2. qpid.messaging package
   This one more closely resembles the C++ API, and from playing around, 
appears to have more knobs, like setting the receiver capacity.
3. SWIG api
   This one is a wrapping of the C++ library, but unfortunately is 
nowhere near a drop in replacement for the qpid.messaging API.  Also, in 
my simple timings (of a consumer with receiver capacity of 1000, 
asynchronous acknowledging receipts in batches of 10000), I didn't see 
any performance gains compared to the qpid.messaging library.

What is the consensus suggestion for a new project requiring 

Anthony Foglia
Princeton Consultants
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