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From Paul Colby <paul.co...@messagemedia.com.au>
Subject Durable queues not surviving broker re-start
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2011 23:46:37 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm probably missing something here, and/or not understanding what 
"durable" queues are.

If I do the following:

1. start a C++ broker via:  qpidd --auth no
2. create a durable queue via: qpid-tool add queue TEST --durable
3. list queues via: qpid-tool queues
4. restart the C++ broker.
5. list queues via: qpid-tool queues

In step 3, the "durable" queue is present, but then in step 5, the 
"durable" queue is gone... I would have expected that the durable queue 
would survive the restart?  Is that correct?  Is there something more I 
need to do for the durable queue to survive restarts?  or, for example, 
do durable queues only survive if they are non-empty?

Want I want to achieve is one-time creation of the queues in a software 
system I'm designing, so that queue configuation can be done in one 
place (instead of multiple daemons needing to know what flags to apply 
when creating queues (eg via the "create-always" option).  Is there 
perhaps a better way to do that?

Any suggestions / pointers would be greatly appreciated :)

PS - here's a sample output from the above steps, in case it helps 
anyone to spot my mistake ;)

paul@depoch:~$ qpid-config add queue TEST --durable
paul@depoch:~$ qpid-config queues
Queue Name                 Attributes
TEST                       --durable --file-size=24 --file-count=8
qmfc-v2-depoch.12048.1     auto-del excl
qmfc-v2-hb-depoch.12048.1  auto-del excl --limit-policy=ring
qmfc-v2-ui-depoch.12048.1  auto-del excl --limit-policy=ring
reply-depoch.12048.1       auto-del excl
topic-depoch.12048.1       auto-del excl --limit-policy=ring
// qpidd restarted here.
paul@depoch:~$ qpid-config queues
Queue Name                 Attributes
qmfc-v2-depoch.12090.1     auto-del excl
qmfc-v2-hb-depoch.12090.1  auto-del excl --limit-policy=ring
qmfc-v2-ui-depoch.12090.1  auto-del excl --limit-policy=ring
reply-depoch.12090.1       auto-del excl
topic-depoch.12090.1       auto-del excl --limit-policy=ring

I'm using the 0.8 C++ broker (from 


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