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From Chuck Rolke <cro...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Where to get the C# client source code?
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 01:33:40 GMT

You have a few options for getting sources:

1) You can get the sources directly from the apache.org repo

On Windows I use TortoiseSVN. Then checkout the URL (above) of the repository,
Fully recursive, HEAD revision. This pulls about 64Mbytes of source.

2) The sources for various releases can be accessed from the wiki Qpid Release Page.

3) If you are interested in the .NET Binding to the Messaging Client take a look
at the up-coming 0.10 release Beta sources in 
File qpid-0.10-beta.tar.gz has the source kit that is still very close to what you get from
trunk svn, especially for the .NET Binding.

The sources for the .NET Binding DLL are in qpid\cpp\bindings\qpid\dotnet\src. The code for
that DLL are a bit of a curiosity in how it connects .NET managed environment to the C++ unmanaged
code. I doubt that you could use that code as the basis for any kind of production system.
You would do best either to use the binding and write your code in .NET as shown in the examples,
or to code in native C++.


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> From: "Justin Cheong" <justin_ckm@yahoo.com>
> To: users@qpid.apache.org
> Cc: "justin ckm" <justin_ckm@yahoo.com>
> Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 5:38:25 AM
> Subject: Where to get the C# client source code?
> Hi
> I have downloaded the C# client which supports C++ broker (
> qpid-dotnet-0-10-0.8.zip ). Can I know where to get the source code
> for the dll? In the zip file only contains all the required dlls.
> I have gone through the mailing list and saw suggestion that we should
> use the C++ dotnet bindings instead. I intend to try both ways, hence
> I would like to have the source code for the C# client dll as well.
> In response to Gordon Sim and Gregory Bayard..Hi guys I was not able
> to reply to the thread that I started because I didnt subscribe to the
> mailing list at the moment. Thanks for your advice guys, I manage to
> get it working by using Gordon suggestion. I periodically ( less than
> 4 minute interval ) send a message back to the Linux C++ broker and
> that solves the problem.
> But I do not quite understand Gregory Bayard suggestion. Do I need the
> C# client source code to follow your suggestion?
> Anyway I have done further testing and it reveals that the problem of
> auto-disconnection after 4 minutes will happen only if I use C# client
> with Linux C++ broker. The problem did not surface when I use a
> Windows C++ broker instead.

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