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From "Steve Huston" <shus...@riverace.com>
Subject RE: different versions of .NET clients
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2010 17:05:20 GMT
Hi Adam,

> There appear to be two different .NET clients available:
> 1) http://apache.cyberuse.com//qpid/0.6/qpid-wcf-0.6.zip
> 2) http://apache.cyberuse.com//qpid/0.6/qpid-dotnet-0-10-0.6.zip
> 1) appears to be a .NET/WCF wrapper around the C++ client (is 
> this correct?). I have gotten this to compile and run.


> 2) The README describes as a native .NET implementation also 
> compatible with amqp 0.10

Also correct. Though #2 does not get much attention or maintenance. My
history is sketchy on this, but my undestanding is #2 started as a
translation of the Java client; again, I believe it doesn't get much

> Downloading 2), there appears to be no source in the 
> distribution, although the README claims that the following 
> folder should exist after unpacking:
> *******
> Generate code from <project home>/dotnet/client-010/gentool:
>   $ cd <project home>/dotnet/client-010/gentool
>   $ ant
> *******
> In the distro there are two folders, examples and lib, that 
> only contain binary artifacts.
> What are the major differences between these two 
> implementations from an API perspective? I've been using the 
> java client extensively and now want to provide .NET support.

If I were you and wanted to program to a .NET model instead of WCF
model, I'd look more at the .NET binding in the forthcoming 0.8. You can
grab a release candidate from
http://people.apache.org/~robbie/qpid/0.8/RC3/. It's not a nice Windows
installer yet so you'll need to build it from source, but I think you'll
find it a closer model to what you want.

If you want to be a guinea pig for an installer for this, let me know.


Steve Huston, Riverace Corporation
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