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From Kim van der Riet <kim.vdr...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: error building persistent store and broker
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 12:28:21 GMT
On Sun, 2010-09-19 at 21:44 +0800, Carton wrote:
> Hi Kim, thanks for your reply.
> I'm sorry I didn't describe my problem well.
> (1)
> The first error occurs when I build the store for the C++ broker 0.6.
> The environment are installed C++-0.6-broker, checked-out r3793 store
> modules, checked-out HEAD cpp & python & specs modules.
> Three HEAD modules are used for configure option --with-qpid-checkout
> since ./configure needs qpidd-devel package or these three modules.
> (It's CentOS 5.4 I used, and there's no qpidd-devel-0.6 el rpm for
> CentOS.)
> then i got error as following:
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1U989td_nAjV4BdCtOl1GjIP_LqQ5j1aQONbmkMc44uo&pli=1

This is still a mixed version environment. By using HEAD of
{cpp,python,specs} and r.3793 of the store, and if you point to the HEAD
version of with the --with-qpid-checkout, then the build will fail. If
you build this way, you need to have the 0.6 version of
{cpp,python,specs} source checked out. In addition, I would not mix the
installed rpms with newly built ones. Since you have to build the broker
anyway to build the store, it would be safer to install the built
version of both rather than using rpms for some and built for others.

I would uninstall all the qpid rpms, then check out either:

0.6 version cpp/python/spec and r.3793 store. First build
using ./bootstrap; ./configure; make from the qpid cpp dir, followed
by ./bootstrap; ./configure --with-qpid-checkout=/path/to/qpid/dir; make
from the store cpp dir.


as above, but HEAD cpp/python/spec and HEAD store revisions.

When the builds are complete, a make install from first the qpid cpp and
then store cpp dirs will install the libs and files in their correct

> (2)
> Then I uninstall the C++-0.6-broker and try to build them ALL from
> HEAD revision.
> So I build broker first but got an error:
> [configure works fine]
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=18KF4Q58kDeX3Bta1LIhlJMdkjaW0LmmOuZqOnuipojQ
> [error when make]
> ../managementgen/qmf-gen -m ./managementgen.mk -c ./managementgen.cmake -q
> -b -o qmf ../../specs/management-schema.xml ./qpid/acl/management-schema.xml
> ./qpid/cluster/management-schema.xml
> : No such file or directory
> make[1]: *** [managementgen.mk] Error 127
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/trunk/cpp/src'
> make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
> details:
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1URncCNLSZXgbJCWoM6OTn59l7VKodbDjccLM1I3Wv7E
> Is it only cpp directory I should check out to build the HEAD revision
> of C++ broker?
> And it's strange that the files are indeed in the checked-out cpp
> directory but it said no. :(

As above. I think the problem here is that you don't have a complete
checkout of the qpid dirs. You need the cpp, python and specs dirs; I
use the following layout when building:

qpid --+-- cpp
       +-- python
       +-- specs

and then point to the qpid dir in the --with-qpid-checkout option.

Hope that helps,


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