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From Cajus Pollmeier <ca...@naasa.net>
Subject Querying many clients
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 13:14:53 GMT

I'm currently trying to develop an application where a couple of agents
want to query several hundreds of clients for information. This happens
individually for every client and not that frequent - there's no need for
'all clients, please do whatever' functionality. But I'd like to assure
that the query reaches the client - or get the information that no one was
listening for my query. Basically, this is just request-response using a
temporary reply queue while the clients react on what the agents want to

As far as I see, there are these main options:

* Create a topic exchange and use subscribtions like "client.1",
"client.2", etc. In this case messages get dropped if the client is down in
the moment of delivery. Is it possible to find out whether someone got the
message or if it just went to /dev/null?

* Create a queue for each client. These are many queues, but the message
will reach its destination. Is there a limitation on how many queues I can

Are there other recommended ways to achieve the desired setup?


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