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From Petr Postulka <pet.postu...@email.cz>
Subject maximum of 9999 messages received from the exchange
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 22:16:30 GMT
Hello All,

I have just started to do some tests with Apache Qpid and i have run into a problem with maximum
number of messages, which can be received by the subscriber.

I am using a C++ broker under Windows 7 and C# client libraries in my test application. If
I am sending small amount of messages, everything is working fine, but when i tried to increase
the number of messages to more than 9999, I receive only 9999 messages and no more. After
the consumer is restarted I receive another 9999 messages and it stops receiving again. Can
someone tell me, what I am doing wrong? It seems that there is some limit, but I can not find
where. I have found properties like qpid.max_size and qpid.max_count, which can be set on
QueueDeclare method, but whether I put there some big number or not, the behavior is still
same, only 9999 messages at maximum are received. However if I set qpid.max_count=10, it behaves
correctly, only 10 messages are queued and next messages are rejected. So it seems, that this
parameter does not influence the strange behavior.

 Here is the main part of implementation of my publisher:

        public void Start()
            session = connection.CreateSession(500000);
            session.ExchangeDeclare(configuration.ExchangeName, configuration.ExchangeType,
String.Empty, null, Option.DURABLE); 

        public void SendMessage(string routingKey, byte[] message)
            IMessage messageToSent = new Message();
            session.MessageTransfer(configuration.ExchangeName, messageToSent); 

        public void Stop()

And here is the main part of implementation of my subsriber: 

        public void Start()
            session = connection.CreateSession(50000);
            session.ExchangeDeclare(configuration.ExchangeName, configuration.ExchangeType,
String.Empty, null , Option.DURABLE);
            session.QueueDeclare(configuration.QueueName, String.Empty, new Dictionary<string,
object>() {{ "qpid.policy_type", "reject" }}, Option.DURABLE); 
            session.ExchangeBind(configuration.QueueName, configuration.ExchangeName, configuration.RoutingKey);

            session.AttachMessageListener(this, configuration.QueueName);

        public void Stop()

        #region Implementation of IMessageListener

        public void MessageTransfer(IMessage message)
            BinaryReader reader = new BinaryReader(message.Body, Encoding.UTF8);
            byte[] messageBody = new byte[message.Body.Length - message.Body.Position];
            reader.Read(messageBody, 0, messageBody.Length);


            session.MessageAccept(new RangeSet() { message.Id });

            if (OnMessageReceived != null)
                OnMessageReceived(identifier, messageBody);

I would be very glad if someone can point me to right direction how to remove the 9999 message

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards,


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