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From Yuta Kawadai <yuta...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is C++ broker memory leak?
Date Thu, 27 May 2010 14:12:22 GMT
Thanks reply.

> Thank you for the report - could you please record this problem in JIRA
> (http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/qpid) to ensure it is investigated
> and tracked correctly?
OK, I've opened a JIRA issue:


>> My question is,
>> Although the queue had been deleted, why broker memory didn't decrease?
> Memory will not be released back to the OS every time a block is freed, so I
> wouldn't necessarily expect an immediate, direct change in memory just from
> deleting a queue.
I see. But if so, the broker should be restart periodically, right?

>> Is broker memory leak?
> In the 'run' column above, does a run represent one iteration through the
> loop in the test, or a run through the whole test (i.e. each run includes
> 10000 iterations)?
A 'run' represent one iteration through the whole test.
So, in that case, a run declare/delete queue 10,000 times each time
and 100,000 times in all.

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