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From "Linder, Eric" <eric.lin...@navteq.com>
Subject How to limit creation of log files created
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 19:53:35 GMT

I have a directory that contains content like below.   It is generated in the qpiddata directory
when using
the persistence mechanism associated with Red Hat Messaging...the commercial version of QPID.
I actually don't know if they are related.  I am not sure of the purpose of these log files.
 Deleting them does
not seem to have an effect on the running of the brokers.

The number of "log.0000000001 " files that are created when running our applications is enormous.

My Question:  Is there a way to limit the creation of these log files?


devprb2:/dprbdta/dev/01.01.03dev2/probedata/BL37247/dev/console-1/qpiddata/rhm/dat$ ls
bindings.db     log.0000000021  log.0000000050  log.0000000079  log.0000000108  log.0000000137
 log.0000000166  log.0000000195  log.0000000224  log.0000000253
config.db       log.0000000022  log.0000000051  log.0000000080  log.0000000109  log.0000000138
 log.0000000167  log.0000000196  log.0000000225  log.0000000254
__db.001        log.0000000023  log.0000000052  log.0000000081  log.0000000110  log.0000000139
 log.0000000168  log.0000000197  log.0000000226  log.0000000255
__db.002        log.0000000024  log.0000000053  log.0000000082  log.0000000111  log.0000000140
 log.0000000169  log.0000000198  log.0000000227  log.0000000256
__db.003        log.0000000025  log.0000000054  log.0000000083  log.0000000112  log.0000000141
 log.0000000170  log.0000000199  log.0000000228  log.0000000257
__db.004        log.0000000026  log.0000000055  log.0000000084  log.0000000113  log.0000000142
 log.0000000171  log.0000000200  log.0000000229  log.0000000258
__db.005        log.0000000027  log.0000000056  log.0000000085  log.0000000114  log.0000000143
 log.0000000172  log.0000000201  log.0000000230  log.0000000259
exchanges.db    log.0000000028  log.0000000057  log.0000000086  log.0000000115  log.0000000144
 log.0000000173  log.0000000202  log.0000000231  log.0000000260
general.db      log.0000000029  log.0000000058  log.0000000087  log.0000000116  log.0000000145
 log.0000000174  log.0000000203  log.0000000232  log.0000000261
log.0000000001  log.0000000030  log.0000000059  log.0000000088  log.0000000117  log.0000000146
 log.0000000175  log.0000000204  log.0000000233  log.0000000262
log.0000000002  log.0000000031  log.0000000060  log.0000000089  log.0000000118  log.0000000147
 log.0000000176  log.0000000205  log.0000000234  log.0000000263
log.0000000003  log.0000000032  log.0000000061  log.0000000090  log.0000000119  log.0000000148
 log.0000000177  log.0000000206  log.0000000235  log.0000000264

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