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From Charles Woerner <CWoer...@demandbase.com>
Subject store and forward queue recovery problem
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2010 00:30:22 GMT

I'm unable to re-establish message forwarding across a queue route  
once the destination queue reaches it's max-queue-size limit.  The  
steps to reproduce are as follows:

1) establish a src-local queue route between a web server node and a  
backend queue server

	On the web server (www-1)...

	qpid-config add queue hits_local --durable --file-count 32 --file- 
size 5120 --limit-policy flow-to-disk
	qpid-config bind amq.direct hits_local /hits
	qpid-route -d -s queue add queue-1:5672 localhost:5672 amq.direct  

	On the queue server (queue-1)...

	qpid-config add queue hits --durable --file-count 64 --file-size  
20480 --max-queue-size 1048576000  --limit-policy flow-to-disk
	qpid-config bind amq.direct hits /hits
2) Enqueue 1048576000 or more bytes of data into the local queue on  
www-1, watch it flow across the federation link to the hits queue on  
3) Continue loading data and see (through qpid-tool) that messages are  
no longer being forwarded along the federation link, instead they are  
being retained on the hits_local queue on www-1.
4) Purge the hits queue on queue-1 using qpid-tool (call <id> purge 0)

At this point I would expect enqueued messages on www-1 to begin to  
flow across the federation link to the queue-1 server, but they do  
not.  Similarly, new enqueues to hits_local on www-1 are retained on  
www-1 rather than being forwarded across the link to queue-1.

I had to destroy the local queue, queue route, store, and link on  
www-1 and recreate them in order to induce message flow across the  
link again.  Is that expected?  What can we do differently to avoid  
data loss in a recovery scenario such as this?

Charles Woerner  | cwoerner@demandbase.com |   demandbase

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