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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Performance troubles with qpid and mule
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 02:02:26 GMT
Henry Robinson wrote:
> Hi -
> I'm getting disappointing performance reading from a Qpid queue into a
> simple Mule endpoint (that does essentially nothing) - about 150 msgs/s. I'd
> appreciate some guidance about performance tuning.
> This is all running on the same machine - an 8 core Xeon machine with 8Gb of
> RAM. Here's the relevant JMS configuration in Mule:
> <jms:connector name="JMSConnector"
>                    connectionFactory-ref="qpidfactory"
>                    specification="1.1"
>                    persistentDelivery="false"
>                    numberOfConsumers="10"
>                    maxRedelivery="2">
>     <receiver-threading-profile doThreading="true" maxThreadsActive="10"
> maxThreadsIdle="5" threadTTL="60000"/>
>     <dispatcher-threading-profile doThreading="true" maxThreadsActive="10"
> maxThreadsIdle="5" threadTTL="60000"/>
>   </jms:connector>
> If I jstack the mule process (unscientific, to be sure, but attaching a
> profiler causes the whole thing to die slowly under timeouts) I notice that
> the Dispatcher threads are almost all blocked on AMQConnection.createSession
> (which has a single-occupant critical section). So should I have enabled
> something that allows for session reuse? Alternatively, are there some other
> performance tweaks I can attempt? (I have looked here:
> http://qpid.apache.org/how-to-tune-m3-java-broker-performance.html already).
> Sorry if this is actually a Mule question, but as you can see the issue
> appears to be in Qpid code. Thanks in advance for your advice.
> cheers,
> Henry

I run the C++ broker, so can't directly comment on the above but it 
might be worth a spin with both brokers as that will
tell us if it is broker setup or something with the client integration 
with mule. For C++ broker for your box I
would guess 25-30k small transient messages per second from the Java client.


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