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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: 1 Connection create 100 sessions subscription 100 topics then >> broker will be crush
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 14:34:08 GMT
xinfang wrote:
> Thanks, I have used the qpid-stat tools and looked at each queue's speed
> seems the same, and no one is special. And i can see when each queue
> byteDepth size exceeds 51m, then broker crushes.
> so i tired to setup the default queue size to 50MB(qpid default queue limit
> size is 100M), then it works. 
> i'm just confused that my server's Mem is 8gb ,for qpid 100q * 50M= 5g,  my
> senders need around 10 minutes in order to make queue byteDepth size 50M, so
> i don't know who uses another 3gb mem. for normal situation  when queue
> byteDepth size get to proximate 70M(100q*70=7g) then broker crushes.
> another situation  i try to run 200 topic under one connection(sender and
> receiver). if i setup the queue size is 20M then broker also crushes. so i
> trun to setup size to 10M ,after it runs around four hours,its sender
> abrots, and i go to use qpid-stat tools checked the queue info.  every queue 
> Depte size is not exceeding 10M , but some queue's byteEnqueue size is large
> (such as 2g) and some queue's byteEnqueue size is small 50M. 

Let us know what you find, I have run broker up to about 50g memory 
without issues, if it not the OS
out of memory killer shutting the broker down?


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