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From Ignacio Ybarra <ignacio_yba...@hotmail.com>
Subject Last Value Queue LVQ using dotnet API / last value cache
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 00:44:06 GMT

I have been trying to set up a Last Value Queue using your dotnet API (client0-10). Most of
it works great -- apart from consuming messages without taking them from the queue (peek).

Basically I want the consumer/listener to receive by not remove the msg from the lvq, i.e.
the setup to work as a last value cache.
Since I couldn't find parameters/methods to set this up using the interface, I have taken
the steps below.
The setup part of my code looks like this:
session.exchangeDeclare("ig.direct", "direct", null, null, new Option[] { Option.DURABLE });
session.queueDeclare("q1",null,new Dictionary<string,object>(){{"qpid.last_value_queue",1}},
new Option[] { Option.DURABLE });
session.exchangeBind("q1", "ig.direct", "routing_key");

The sender/publisher part of the code looks like this (in reality I send a batch of msgs so
they get overwritten):
//List<IMessage> messages = new List<IMessage>() ;
//for (int i = 0; i < Program.NUM_MSGS; i++)
IMessage message = new Message();
message.appendData(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Message "));// + i));
message.ApplicationHeaders.Add("qpid.LVQ_key", "INTC");
session.messageTransfer("ig.direct", message);//s[i]);
The receiver/listener looks like this:
session.attachMessageListener(this, "q1");
//public void messageTransfer(IMessage m)
//   Console.WriteLine("Message: " + message);

All works with this setup, but the message is removed from the queue.
I have also tried the following in the listener, but in this case the callback does not get
any messages:
session.attachMessageListener(this, "myDest");
session.messageSubscribe("q1", "myDest", MessageAcceptMode.EXPLICIT, MessageAcquireMode.PRE_ACQUIRED,
null, 0, null);
Any clues? Many thanks in advance.- ig
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