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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: queuePurge call purges all messages except 1
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2009 08:05:04 GMT
On 10/09/2009 05:28 AM, ft420 wrote:
> Hi
> Client running on windows, broker on Linux
> sequence of statements:
> 1. writing n messages to the queue.
> 2. getMessageCount on the queue.
> 3. call to queuePurge
> 4. getMessageCount on the queue.
> In above case step 4 returns 0 but on linux when i check the queue status
> with python command ./qpid-tool it shows 1 in msgDepth??

qpid-tool does not immediately reflect changes to the enqueue and 
dequeue count (from which the depth is computed). That gets updated 
periodically. Does qpid-tool eventually show the correct counts? Or does 
it remain at 1? If the latter can you retrieve the message from the queue?

> i am not able to find the bug.. please let me know if i m going wrong any
> where..
> I have tried same test case with client and broker on linux combination
> which worked successfully..

I can see no reason why or how the windows client could result in this 
difference from just the steps above. Is it possible that the client 
subscribes to the queue and gets a message that is not acknowledged that 
then goes back on the queue?

Maybe worth turning on logging for the broker for the steps above to see 
if that shows anything.

> qpid 0.5 on windows qpid 0.5 on linux and qpid-python 0.4 commands on linux.

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