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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: remote byte-order
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 15:03:49 GMT
On 09/16/2009 12:58 PM, Bill Whiting wrote:
> Thanks, I'll add my own attribute for now. It would be beneficial to add
> this to the API.

It's only relevant if the content is encoded using some native byte 
order dependent scheme, right? Or is there some other use case you have 
in mind?

> On 09/16/2009 03:21 AM, Gordon Sim wrote:
>> On 09/15/2009 09:22 PM, Bill Whiting wrote:
>>> Is there a way to get the byte order of the sending application from the
>>> message properties?
>>> I've looked throught the API and don't see anything like that.
>> There isn't a standard header for that (nor do any of the Qpid clients
>> automatically set it). However your applications can set a named
>> property for that purpose, or perhaps indicate through the
>> content-type how the data is encoded including a parameter describing
>> the byte order if relevant?

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