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From Rob Springer <rsprin...@etinternational.com>
Subject Federation & message reliability
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 16:55:45 GMT
All - we are considering using federation to ease
some of the load on our broker, but before starting that work, we had a 
few questions about how message reliability intersects with federation. 
  We lean heavily on ACCEPT_MODE_EXPLICIT to ensure reliability in case 
of a fault in our applications, and so losing reliability in favor of 
scalability isn't a win for us.  So...our questions:
  - Does using federated exchanges change the semantics of message 
transfer (if the link and any relevant queues are durable, etc.)?
  - In case of Qpid termination, will the BDB store recover in a 
federated environment just as in a non-federated one?

In general, I suppose our questions can be summed up as "Do the steps or 
techniques required for reliable (and acknowledged) message transfer 
change in any way when using federation?"

Thanks, everyone!

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