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From Rob Springer <rsprin...@etinternational.com>
Subject SubscriptionSettings defaults
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2009 12:58:59 GMT
Good morning everyone,
I wanted to suggest a possible change to the default values in the 
SubscriptionSettings object, based on recent experiences.

Our issue is with the default value of the autoAck member.  When 
explicit accepts are off (ACCEPT_MODE_NONE), this value is ignored. 
When explicit accepts are enabled (ACCEPT_MODE_EXPLICIT), however this 
value IS used.  Unfortunately, the default value is 1, meaning that, 
even when the developer/user requests explicit accepts via the 
acceptMode member, implicit accepts will still be active unless autoAck 
is also overridden.

Now that we've figured this out (and it took us quite a while...), it's 
no longer an issue for us, but I don't think this is the most intuitive 
behavior, and hopefully we can prevent others from running into this 
problem.  I think it would make more sense for the default value of 
SubscriptionSettings::autoAck to be 0, rather than 1 - if not that, then 
I think there'd at least be value in more clearly calling out the 
relationship between acceptMode and autoAck (rename it autoAccept)?



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