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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Maximum Transfer Rates
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2009 09:01:13 GMT
Wes Parish wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems like we are unable to pass the 30-40 MB/s rates (over a 1Gbit link) using the
Qpid.  We have tried multiple configurations (current qpidd.conf pasted below), but have not
had any luck.  Has anyone successfully seen ~100MB/s on a 1Gbit link?

How are you testing this? I.e. what test, message sizes etc?

Using perftest, one of the standard qpidd tests, with default settings 
and between untuned boxes.

Perftest itself reported just over 140 Mbytes/sec, that is a total of 
messages in and out of the broker however, and corresponded to around 
pub and sub rates of just over 70k msgs/sec with 1k messages. This is 
with one publisher and one subscriber.

For smaller messages the messages rates go up a little, but the byte 
rate drops.

> Thanks,
> Wes
> ------------
> /etc/qpidd.conf
> ------------
> cluster-name="TestCluster1112"
> auth=no
> log-to-file=/app/MRG/log/qpidd_tc11.log
> # Parms provided by Carl on 16 Jun
> # qpidd --auth no --tcp-nodelay --worker-threads 4 --default-queue-limit 0 --staging-threshold
> # Immediately push data in TCP Buffer, do not wait for TCP Buffer to fill
> tcp-nodelay
> # Number of Qpid worker threads to instantiate
> worker-threads=4
> default-queue-limit=0
> # Message size (max) that forces Qpid to write it to disk
> staging-threshold=200000000
> port=5672
> no-data-dir

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