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From John Dennis <jden...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: C++ API issues with ValueType et. al.
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:15:16 GMT
On 07/16/2009 07:03 AM, Gordon Sim wrote:
> John,
> I agree with every point you make. The FieldTable and Array classes are
> pretty horrible to use except for the simple cases and lack consistency
> in design. They also expose boost which we are trying to move away
> from[1] and tie the encoding details to the data structure[2] and
> application visible API. In short, though we will obviously continue to
> support it for existing users, I don't think that FieldTable in its
> current form is really suitable as part of the exposed API in the long
> term.

Thanks for the follow-up Gordon. I think you answered my high order bit 
question. Do we fix what we have or do we re-implement it? I was going 
to offer to send a set of patches for the current implementation but in 
a conversation with Ted Ross he cautioned patience because of the 
possibility this area of the API might be reworked. It's good to know 
there is a consensus the existing implementation needs some love and I 
wasn't just out in left field somewhere due to misunderstandings.

> Some time ago the desirability of a higher level API for the c++ client
> was discussed and I started some work on that. For the past couple of
> months my attention has been diverted by other work but I hope to return
> to it now. This API will include a variant type and a corresponding map
> of these through which message properties would be accessed. The
> intention is also to provide direct support for messages whose content
> is an encoded form of a map or list. I still have some details to work
> through of course, including how to avoid breaking the existing API
> while avoiding expensive conversions.

At the moment I'm fine with waiting for the new implementation, I can 
work around the issues from my end. I'll look forward to a cleaner 
design when you have it ready. If you would like to bounce some design 
ideas off me I'd be happy to provide feedback, or if there is a design 
proposal on a wiki or some such you might want to provide a pointer to 
that works as well.

Thanks for your good work and attention.


John Dennis <jdennis@redhat.com>

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