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From Walter Sobjak <wsobj...@gmail.com>
Subject Fwd: java qpid session issues
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 00:05:17 GMT

I believe I may have uncovered a possible concurrency issue with the way
the Java Broker and/or Client works.  It appears if a message consumer
is awaiting a message in receive() before its connection is started, it
is never able to pull from its queue.

I have attached a sample bit of code that hopefully displays this.  In
it, I create a temp queue and consumer from a session.  Then I create a
sub-thread that creates a producer, sends a message, then tries to
manually have the consumer pull from that queue using cons.receive().

I start the thread, sleep for 2s, and then start the connection.  The
consumer hangs while trying to receive the message.  According to JMX,
the temp queue I create has both a consumer and a message before I start
the sub-thread.

This is against the M4 versions of the Java Broker and client; I have
also tried the first 0.5 release candidate.



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