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From Jason Copeland <copel...@adobe.com>
Subject Qpid clustering -- timout waiting for CPG daemon
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 17:10:29 GMT
Hopefully this is a simple question.  I have a specific machine that I'm trying to get added
to the cluster, but I'm having a hard time just getting it to join.

I'm getting this:

2009-may-13 09:22:40 notice Waiting for CPG initialization.
2009-may-13 09:23:40 debug Exception constructed: Timed out waiting for daemon
2009-may-13 09:23:40 critical Broker start-up failed: Timed out waiting for daemon

Openais is started, and my openais.log is filled with:

May 18 10:06:00.401935 [ipc.c:0731] connection received from libais client 8.
May 18 10:06:00.401990 [MAIN ] Connection not authenticated because gid is 501, expecting

Qpid is running as 'qpidd' and openais is running as 'ais'.

So I've got a simple permission issue, aside from running them under the same user, how do
I get openais to authorize my qpid process.

I figure my issue has some simple known resolution, but in searching through both the qpid
and the openais mailing lists, I'm coming up empty.


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