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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Clustered broker fails to correctly rejoin cluster
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 12:39:03 GMT
Joshua Braegger wrote:
> I've been using qpid for the last couple of days, have been testing failure
> scenarios, and had a question about a side-effect I've been having -- I'm
> wondering if it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong.
> First, let me explain what I am doing.  Basically, I start a cluster --
> brokerA and brokerB, create an exchange/queue, and have a consumer poll
> brokerA for messages.  Then I kill brokerB, and start it back up again.  It
> joins the cluster fine.  However, when I attempt to send messages to brokerA
> and brokerB from my producer, brokerB dies and I get the following output on
> brokerB (startup to shutdown):
> 2009-apr-30 15:09:47 notice Recovering from cluster, no recovery from local
> journal
> 2009-apr-30 15:09:47 notice SASL disabled: No Authentication Performed
> 2009-apr-30 15:09:47 notice Listening on TCP port 5678
> 2009-apr-30 15:09:47 notice joining cluster foo
> with url=amqp:tcp:
> 2009-apr-30 15:09:47 notice Broker running
> 2009-apr-30 15:09:47 notice caught up, active
> cluster member
> 2009-apr-30 15:10:14 error Channel exception: not-attached:
> session.completed: channel 0 is not attached
> (qpid/amqp_0_10/SessionHandler.cpp:232)
> 2009-apr-30 15:10:14 critical Error 57 did
> not occur on
> 2009-apr-30 15:10:14 error Error delivering frames: Aborted by local failure
> that did not occur on all replicas
> 2009-apr-30 15:10:14 notice leaving cluster
> foo
> 2009-apr-30 15:10:14 notice Shut down
> brokerA remains running fine.
> I'm using CentOS 5.3.  Let me know if any more information would be helpful

Try running with --trace argument to brokers and send the logs from brokers A & 
B (they'll be quite big)

If you have a simple test client that demonstrates the problem attach that too.

What SVN revision or what release of Qpid are you using?

I'll look into this...


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