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From Joshua Kramer <j...@globalherald.net>
Subject RE: SSL problems with Qpid Python client
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 14:46:03 GMT

> I'm beginning to think this is more of a python problem than anything to
> do with qpid.

This might be a 2.6 issue.  From the 'whatsnew' document:


Improved SSL Support

Bill Janssen made extensive improvements to Python 2.6.s support for the 
Secure Sockets Layer by adding a new module, ssl, that.s built atop the 
OpenSSL library. This new module provides more control over the protocol 
negotiated, the X.509 certificates used, and has better support for 
writing SSL servers (as opposed to clients) in Python. The existing SSL 
support in the socket module hasn.t been removed and continues to work, 
though it will be removed in Python 3.0.

To use the new module, you must first create a TCP connection in the usual 
way and then pass it to the ssl.wrap_socket() function. It.s possible to 
specify whether a certificate is required, and to obtain certificate info 
by calling the getpeercert() method.

This is good in that Python now supports proper certificate 
authentication, but it will cause those of us doing Python under 
OpenOffice.org to bang our heads against a wall.


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