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From Stefan Aeschbacher <ste...@aeschbacher.ch>
Subject Message size and authentication
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 19:59:24 GMT
Hello List,

I observed the following behaviour with the C++ broker on FC10 (with
qpidd installed via yum and also a svn co from today). If I try to
send a message with data bigger than ca. 64KB, the call to
session.messageTransfer blocks. If I disable authentication with
"--auth no",  messages of any size (tested up to 10MB) pass easily as

I used the "direct" example with a small modification to generate
messages of different sizes (e.g. for (int j=0; j<165536; j++)
message_data << "c";) to test this. With j<65495 as limit to fill
message_data, qpidd even crashes.

Is this a known/reproducible issue?


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