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From "Jesse W. Hathaway" <...@chappy.com>
Subject Re: QPID M4 & Trunk Ruby Bindings
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 19:43:04 GMT
> Jesse W. Hathaway wrote:
>>> Jesse W. Hathaway wrote:
>>>> I am brand new to AMQP as well as QPID
>>>> When attempting to use the Ruby bindings with
>>>> the example code I get the same error message from M4
>>>> as well as from the trunk.
>>>> /home/jwh/tmp/qpid-svn/trunk/qpid/ruby/lib/qpid/connection.rb:139:in
>>>>   `start': Qpid::Timeout (Qpid::Timeout)
>>>>   from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/monitor.rb:242:in `synchronize'
>>>>   from /home/jwh/tmp/qpid-svn/trunk/qpid/ruby/lib/qpid/connection.rb:137:in
>>>>   from examples/hello-world.rb:32
>>>> I am running the default server configuration.
>>> Are you using the Java server or the C++ server?
>> The Java server, I haven't made any changes to the default configuration other
>> than increasing the logging.
> The hello-world example for the ruby client requires AMQP 0-10. You  
> would need to use qpidd (i.e. the c++ broker) to run that.

Is there any documentation on what would need to be changed to get the
hello-world example running against the Java Broker with the 0-8 spec?

>>> If you run qpid-tool, can you connect to the server? Can you run the  
>>> example programs from other languages?
>> qpid-tool just hangs, but never timeouts, if I telnet to 5672 and enter
>> some characters the server does respond with `AMQP`
>> example programs from other languages seem to result in the same type of
>> errors either timing out or just hanging.
> The other examples also require 0-10 (with the exception of the JMS  
> example which is independent of version) as does qpid-tool. Again, these  
> will work only with qpidd.

Thanks for clearing this up, that explains why nothing was working for

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