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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: how to programatically create thousands of topics (for marketdata)?
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 13:29:15 GMT
falconair wrote:
> I would like to publish market data through qpid.  Since I have
> massive amount of data flowing through the pipes, I can't publish all
> that data to a single topic, since the client may only be interested
> in one or two symbols.  The usual solution to use a hierarchical
> topic naming scheme.  In other words, rather than publishing every
> thing to "level1," I want to split data according to symbols
> "level1.msft," "level2.orcl," etc.    Clearly I can't have a
> pre-defined list of topics in some properties file.  What is the best
> way of solving this?

Forgive me if I'm being over simplistic, but isn't that exactly what the 
topic exchange gives you?

I.e. you publish your data using "level1.msft", "level2.orcl" etc as the 
routing key and then your subscribers can bind queues as appropriate.

E.g. "level1.msft" would only match that exact symbol
      "#.msft" would match level1.msft or level2.msft
      "level1.#" would match all level1 symbols

You can bind the same subscription queue more than once, so you can set 
it up to e.g. receive anything matching "#.msft" or "#.orcl". How 
exactly you do that using the binding URL syntax for the JMS client I 
will leave to those more qualified to comment.

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