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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Unable to install qpid on Linux
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:06:38 GMT
ft420 wrote:
> Hi 
> I was able to install it. I installed qpid on RHEL5 but now the sample out
> files in examples, tests folder are giving a trouble. It gives connection
> refused error in Socket.cpp at line no 159. I have made an entry of the
> machine local ip in /etc/hosts and i checked if ping to local ip is working.
> Still samples like perftest, direct_producer, latencytest etc are giving
> same error. 

Do you have a firewall in operation? If so you may need to open port 
5672. (You can try telnetting on that port to test whether the 
connection can be established).

> Qpid doesnot provide gui? 

There is the QMan management console.

> I did go through the getting started,  still i am not clear as to how to
> send & receive message on queue.
> what are direct| fanout options?? 

Those are different strategies for routing messages. You may want to 
have a look at the AMQP spec (qpidd supports the latest, i.e. 0-10):


> i wanted MSMQ type of functionality i.e.
> one application compresses data and sends it on queue and other application
> receives this data from the queue and decompresses it.. 

That is supported (you have to do any compression of the data yourself 
though). Have a look at the direct example for an introduction of how to 
do that (the same example is available for JMS and python should that be 

> You may finds queries silly but being a newbie in qpid i am trying to
> understand the qpid so there are loads of queries coming up...

Please feel very free to post questions here! And thanks for trying out 


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